Canadian Steel Export Corporation has the capability to handle large volume orders and the related logistics efficiently and assure that their customers receive the ordered products in right specification within promised time frame.

Large Magnitude Supply

  • 100 Metric Tons of Tinfree steel sheets (Secondary) rectangular and scroll 0.20 to 0.30mm (mostly 0.29-0.30mm about 85% scroll).

  • 100 Metric Tons of tinfree steel pup coils (Secondary) conventional and dr tempers 0.15 to 0.38mm.

  • 2000 Metric Tons of electro-galvanized (two sides electro-zinc coated) secondary coils due to coating line skips (uncoated spots) soft commercial tempers, mostly drawing quality, thickness 0.635mm xto 1.12mm; widths 609mm to 1829mm (mostly 914mm & wider coil weights 2.2 Metric Ton up to 20 Metric Ton), taking into consideration that coils may have to be split into smaller shipping units if required.

  • 40 Metric Tons of electrolytic tinplate reel 2 coils (Secondary) temper t1 through to t5 brite, tin coating .20 and better 0.31 to 0.38mm x 711mm & wider.

  • 30 Metric Tons of tinfree steel (Secondary) master coils temper t4-t5, 0.31mm x 787mm x coil

  • 100 Metric Tons of 2cretp original mill wrapped master secondary coils all 3 Metric Tons and larger 0.18 to 0.28mm x 762mm & wider

  • 40 Metric Tons of nickel plated steel coils (Secondary), natural nickel finish (more or less brite) soft commercial tempers, 0.20 to 0.30mm x 76 to 702mm

  • 260 Metric Tons of prime excess hot dipped galvanized coils, soft commercial tempers, thickness 0.18mm to
    0.30mm ; widths 609mm thru 1060mm coil weights 2MT. up to 9MT.

  • 100 Metric Tons of tinfree steel secondary master coils, original mill wrapped, coil weight 3 m.t. and heavier, thickness 0.15 to 0.30mm x 762mm.

  • 20 Metric Tons of stainless steel secondary coil stock-lot, aisi 430-434-436 thickness 0.49mm up to 4.6mm x 715mm to 1245mm

  • 65 Metric Tons of electrolytic tinplate secondary master coils, soft temper t3, tin coatings .20 and .50, brite finish size: 0.1529mm x 755mm to 816mm

  • 100Metric Tons of blackplate and cold rolled secondary coils tempers t1 (soft) through full hard thickness 0.15mm to 0.45mm x 508mm.


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