Overall Vision

To be a globally admired customer centric organization that enhances the quality of life of all employees and stakeholders through sustainable business development in the domain of industrial steel and related products.

Mission Statement

We aspire to achieve business excellence in the steel Industry through:

  • Being a Customer Centric organization serving global customers with the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation

  • Optimum utilization of all available resources

  • Efficient and effective procedures and practices right through the supply chain

  • Adopt the highest ethics and standards of operations

  • Hiring, developing and retaining the best people for maximum returns while ensuring positive impact on the community

Core Values

  • Concern & Care for Customers, Suppliers, Associates and Staff

  • Excellence in operations

  • Integrity in dealings

  • Sustainable Development

Canadian Steel Export Corporation was founded in 1984 is vital distribution link in global network of steel buyers and sellers. It's a family owned and managed operation, dedicated to meeting the many and varied requirements of our customers for diverse industrial steel and related products. Our Philosophy which is premised on providing a quality product at the right price all the time is backed by prompt, reliable service and operations developed over the years around our vision, mission and core values. These are the primary factors responsible for our positive reputation in the international arena and thus our success story. Over the years Canadian Steel Export Corporation has built and sustained a growing steel business, committed to its customer requirements all over the globe through excellence of its people, optimum management of its resources and commitment to promises.



"The elevator to success is always out of order. You will have to use the stairs. One step at a time."




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